Location of the font

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Q: A priest friend of mine works in a parish where there is a beautiful immersion font at the entrance of the church. There is a lot of pressure on him to have it removed and placed near the sanctuary. He has asked me to find out if there are any documents stating exactly where the font should be (hopefully at the entrance). I have searched every document I can think of, but could find nothing. Can you help me out?

So grateful for all the liturgical help that you give to the People of God!


A: I don’t know of any document suggesting location. It just needs to be visible for the participation of the people (Christian Initiation: General Introduction 25). At the door, it may serve as the holy water stoop and play a role in the funeral rites. In the sanctuary, usually more people have a view. But of course there are plenty of people who prefer to sit by the door at Mass, and they’d have a view.