Mass on Election Day

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Q: I am looking ahead for appropriate opportunities to utilize Masses for Various Needs.  Election Day (November 5) seems an appropriate opportunity to utilize Mass 21: For the Nation or State.  However, the Missal provides only a collect.  Where are the remaining prayers (Prayer Over the Offerings and Prayer After Communion) taken from?  There are several other Masses for Various Needs that similarly provide only a collect, so this question would apply to them as well.


A: You’ve landed on a fine suggestion for Election Day this year.

As you’ve noticed, there are several Masses in that section that provide only a collect. The other presidential prayers for the Masses in question have never been developed. GIRM 363 permits using only a collect for these Masses, even the ones that have the other presidential prayers.

Notice that the heading of this section is “Masses and Prayers for Various Needs and Occasions.” Normally, you expect the Missal to have prayers pertaining to Mass, but this section implies that the prayers may be useful for other situations outside Mass as well.

In practice, then, if you choose the collect, then the Prayer over the Offerings and Prayer after Communion may come from the weekday—or from some other weekday in Ordinary Time. The collect is what matters.