Multiple chalices

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Q:  Greetings from Australia. Please advise.

  • When using multiple chalices do I put a drop of water in each chalice or just one chalice?
  • At the fraction rite do I place a fragment of the precious body in all or just one chalice?
  • Is it best to use just one chalice and a decanter, filling additional chalices from the consecrated wine in decanter after the Agnus Dei?

Looking forward to your expert response.


A:  The rules in Australia do not match those in the US, but here’s what we do.

Our bishops have said we should add water only to the presider’s chalice. As the saying goes, “Adding water is a sign – not a recipe.” For similar reasons, just add a fragment to one chalice. Imagine how complicated that would be otherwise at large diocesan celebrations with multiple chalices.

Regarding the use of a decanter, Redemptionis sacramentum 106 doesn’t let us pour consecrated wine from one vessel to another.