Order of Baptism for Children

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Q:  When the new English translation for the Order of Baptism for Children comes out, will the new US appendix explain more about the role of the deacon when a priest baptizes during mass?


A:  The third edition of the Roman Missal gave more details about the role of the deacon in the baptism of adults at the Easter Vigil. The Vatican has made only minor adjustments to the Rite of Baptism for Children since it first came out.

I haven’t seen the work of the US Bishops on their appendix, but it will need Vatican approval before it can be published. I suspect that that process is pretty well advanced by now.

The question you’re posing is of universal significance, not just national. It could be that the role of deacons has been enhanced in other vernacular translations of the same rite, but I just don’t know.

My hunch is that it’s unlikely you’ll see anything about deacons helping with the candle, towel or garment. There’s just no rubrical history to putting those details in baptismal rubrics. But petitions, sure. Invitations to change posture, why not?

Still, it’s good to raise the questions. How will improvements happen without the voice of those who see more than the liturgical books describe?