Our Lady of Guadalupe updated

In Paul Turner's Blog by Paul Turner

Q: Might I offer an alternative interpretation (only slightly different) for your recent answer on the celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe when December 12 falls on a Sunday? I believe that the Mass of OL Guadalupe itself can be used as a Votive Mass on other Advent weekday/memorial since it is not celebrating “a mystery in the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary” but only a title (cf. the rubric before the Proper of Saints allowing practically any Mass in the Proper to be used as a Votive Mass, with some alterations).

Similarly the proper readings could be used as part of a Votive celebration.  The Gloria could also be used at such a Mass if it meets the criteria of GIRM 53 i.e.  “particular celebrations of a more solemn character”  (which is certainly true if there is a large attendance…..). In celebrations of the Liturgy of the Hours with the people, I believe it would be appropriate to apply GILH 245.


A: These are excellent observations. Thank you for sharing them.