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Q: I have recently taken over the formation for an adult Catechumen that is hoping to receive the Sacraments of Initiation in October.  My understanding of the RCIA is that it presumes that those being received outside of the Easter solemnities do still go through the period of Election, that should be about 6 weeks and include a Rite of Election (I’m looking at #126 of the RCIA text).  Could you confirm for me if this is correct?  And if there are any other texts that I should be looking at?


A: The RCIA gives the bishop the authority to approve the steps of initiation outside the usual times, so it would be good to ask yours for permission. Just explain why it won’t be at Easter.

Similarly, you may ask him for delegation to conduct the Rite of Election in your parish. 

You then conduct three scrutinies, which could take place at Sunday Mass, but could also be done on a weekday. You may conduct the two presentations as well, but the scrutinies are more important.