Our Lady of Perpetual Help

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Q: A deacon in our diocese has asked me why the feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Help is not included in the Liturgical Calendar (Roman Martyrology).  He stated that is June 27th.  Has it ever been there? I figured you would know the answer.


A: Mary was listed under that title on that day in the 1962 missal in the proper of saints “for certain places,” so not in the universal calendar.

The revised calendar in 1969 made some difficult but helpful decisions to edit the list of days. I’m not sure what governed the decision not to include this on the general calendar. Perhaps it was thought that there were plenty of other days for Mary each year, and that if this was truly a celebration with more regional than universal appeal, it could be added to local calendars by episcopal conferences.

In my diocese, we have one parish called Our Lady of Perpetual Help, and June 27 is therefore a solemnity observed in that church.