Parish Patrons Feast Day in Lent

In Paul Turner's Blog by Paul Turner

Q:  My parish’s Patron’s Feast Day, St. Patrick, falls on Saturday March 17, during the Season of Lent. Am I right in thinking that because it falls during Lent, I cannot transfer that day for the Saturday evening Mass and Sunday Mass since the Season of Lent is Proper?
Thanks for your help ahead of time and God bless.
A:  Interesting question. You cannot transfer St. Patrick to Sunday, but the Saturday evening mass could be the one for St. Patrick. And perhaps should be. ANY Saturday evening mass fulfills the Sunday obligation, even a wedding mass. Even a weekday Saturday liturgy celebrated in the evening in a religious community.
If you are so inclined, you could celebrate St. Patrick on Saturday March 17 in the evening at the regularly scheduled time. Then on Sunday, shift over to the Fifth Sunday of Lent. Both will “count”.
Two homilies, but, hey, it’s a solemnity.