Priest’s intention and Mass intention

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Q: As you know, it is a common practice to mention the “Mass intention” – not only in the parish bulletin, but also before the Mass begins and/or in the Prayer of the Faithful.  In a couple of the parishes in our diocese, while the intention may be included in the bulletin, it’s not mentioned at Mass.  The reason given is that this is “the priest’s intention”, and is not meant to be said at Mass.  However, this custom of mentioning the intention is very popular with the people (and if it’s the parish’s practice, God forbid if you forget!)  And besides, doesn’t it make sense that everyone join in praying for the person/ intention?  My questions are: is there anything in the liturgical guidelines that encourages this practice?  Is there anything that discourages it, or even prohibits it?  What are your thoughts?

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A: Here’s a previous post:

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