Pulpit Talk

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Q:  As the liturgist of a large parish we often receive requests for a Pulpit Talk that is given after the Prayer After Communion.  Do you have any thoughts or suggestions on Pulpit Talks?

Blessings on your ministry.


A:  I treated this very briefly in my book Let Us Pray. The liturgical documents never talk about announcements without saying they should be “brief” and “if necessary” (OM 140; GIRM 90a, 166, 184).

But there are times when something more needs to be communicated. In that case, I invite people to be seated for the announcements and have the person speak from the cantor mic or lectern – not from the ambo. Around here in some hispanic communities several people take the microphone and make lengthy announcements. There are parish communities that love this for the sake of building unity, but it can change the purpose of the gathering from mass to town hall.