Purifying question

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Q:  We have a new rector at our parish who allows the sacristans to purify the vessels after Mass. He has explained that he is confident (as am I) that they can purify the vessels well and reverently. However, one sacristan still has a problem with it. He says that he cannot find any document that gives a priest the authority to allow lay persons to purify the vessels. Is it indeed permissible for the rector to make this decision for sacristans in his parish?


A:  Here’s a similar question from last year: https://paulturner.org/purifying-the-vessels-2/

There may be health reasons why a priest asks lay people to purify vessels. When bringing communion to the sick, lay ministers would naturally purify their own pyx rather than transport it back to the church. But normally, that’s the priest’s job – at least in the US.