Storing the Baptismal Font

In Paul Turner's Blog by Paul Turner

Q:  The baptism fount in our parish is (unfortunately) on wheels. Our new pastor has moved it into storage along with the paschal candle. He only moves it into the worship space when we have baptisms.  Are there any liturgical norms or guidelines that speak to this? This is only one of the several liturgical changes he has implemented which I find very disheartening.

I would be grateful for any insights you can give me.


A:  The General Introduction for Christian Initiation 25 says that “The baptistery or the area where the baptismal font is located should be reserved for the sacrament of baptism and should be worthy to serve as the place where Christians are reborn in water and the Holy Spirit.” It should be “easily seen by the faithful” and “large enough to accommodate a good number of people.”

Doesn’t sound like a storage are to me.