Weddings on All Souls

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Q: This year, November 02, the Commemoration of All Souls, falls on a Saturday, which is a popular day for weddings. The question arises whether celebrations within Mass are permitted on this day or not. If so, then it is presumed that the Ritual Mass for Marriage may not be celebrated. 

According to the Introduction to the Order of Celebrating Matrimony, “on those days listed in nos. 1-4 of the Table of Liturgical Days, the Mass of the day is used with its own readings, with inclusion of the Nuptial Blessing and, if appropriate, the proper formula for the final blessing.” 

As the Commemoration of All Souls ranks in the first category in the order of precedence on the table of liturgical days, it can be presumed that weddings are permitted on this liturgical day. However, the readings and liturgical texts for Mass of the Commemoration of All Souls must be used. If this is true, it probably makes good pastoral sense to encourage the couple to choose another date for their wedding.

What do you think?


A: That’s exactly how I read it.

There are some beautiful scriptural passages from the Masses for the Dead that could work for a wedding, but the presidential prayers and preface would all be for the dead. The nuptial blessing may still be given.

The Church regards prayer for the dead on this day of such importance that it supersedes other celebrations.

A wedding may take place inside a Mass for All Souls Day, or without Mass using the prayers and readings of a more typical wedding.