Graduation Mass

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Q: Do you have any recommendation of a Ritual Mass or Various Needs and Occasions Mass to be used for a “Graduation Mass?”

In the past we have used the readings of the day or similar readings  from the Children’s lectionary, which usually only has one reading, psalm and Gospel. I was asked if there was a way a second reading after the psalm could be done at this mass. Can second readings be arbitrarily added to the daily mass readings? Or instead, should a Ritual Mass or Various needs and Occasions mass be said in order for multiple readings to be done? As a side, I think the desire of having multiple readings is to provide more opportunity for students to be involved in the liturgy—however, I am not convinced this should be the motivation of adding parts to the Mass.


A: I usually recommend one of the Masses For Giving Thanks to God from Various Needs and Occasions (#49). The focus stays on God’s achievement, not human endeavor.

You may add a third reading to the selections offered for this in the fourth volume of the lectionary, or to the Mass of the day.