Order of Penance

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Q: With the new Order of Penance coming soon I have searched for something that gives a general overview of the “reform” and the reason for the “reform” of the Order of Penance explaining to the Catholic in the pew the rational for the “reform.”  There may not be literature that will jolt the everyday Catholic’s understanding of Penance—a whitewash job, but “convincing reasoning” as to why one ought to frequent the sacrament.

As confessors we have not done all that good a job of instilling the why? of approaching the sacrament more than is happening in a large majority of parishes.  

Can you give me some guidance in this matter?  


A: My booklet with LTP attempts to help people prepare for a confession. It is aimed for average Catholics and encourages their participation in the sacrament: https://www.ltp.org/products/details/PRECON .

I have two more books in production. One will help parents prepare their children for confession. The other gives an overview of the post-Vatican II reform of the Order of Penance and its constituent parts. Both manuscripts are so recent that they not yet available for advance purchase. But keep watching.