The Catholic Key     

Lectionary: YEAR  ‘C’

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1st Sunday of Advent:
Advent teaches giving, charity, love .
2nd Sunday of Advent:
Discern what is of value this Advent .
3rd Sunday of Advent:
Advent is the best antidepressant .
4th Sunday of Advent:
Do the will of God to please God
Feast of the Holy Family and Feast of the Epiphany:
Music gives life to our anticipation, joy  
2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
A Banquet Awaits the Faithful
3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
“This Scripture has been fulfilled”
4th Sunday in Ordinary Time
‘Rookie Prophet’ incites a riot
1st Sunday of Lent:
Facing our addictions in Lent
Temptation is before us, do not swerve 
Leadership is Proven by Survival

Lent Opens With a Powerful Creed
Penance and Victory
2nd Sunday of Lent:
First the battle, then the glory
We look to the light of the resurrection  .
The Goal of Lent
Lent Trains us in Christian Obedience
Trust in God brings Hope .
3rd Sunday of Lent:
Victims need repentance too
Mirror God’s love, forgiveness to mankind  .
All Need Repentance
Failing Faithful Need Water-Giving Rock

4th Sunday of Lent:
Parable addresses our jealousies
When the poor cry out, God rescues them
The Prodigal Son
Reconciliation Empowers Us

5th Sunday of Lent:
Exodus From Sin
Nothing Else Matters but Christ
4th Sunday of Easter:
St. Paul’s Early Career
7th Sunday of Easter:
Back to Basics

Body & Blood of the Lord
Corpus Christi and the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time:
God is revealed in simple ‘sound bites’ .
12th & 13th Sundays in Ordinary Time:

Luke’s Jesus is no travel guide
Jesus Preaches to All .
13th and 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time:
Live by the Spirit, you will be set free .
15th Sunday and 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Jesus skillfully ‘markets’ love
Christianity is about being generous .
17th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Including women was ‘radical’
19th Sunday and 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time:
Jesus Warns Us to Be Prepared 
23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
Must we ‘hate’ our mother, father?
Jesus Teaches Us How To Pray
24th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Jesus came to save and forgive    
25th Sunday in Ordinary Time:
Jesus praises Dishonesty? .
God reminds us to practice justice .
26th Sunday in Ordinary Time:
Fate not determined haphazardly
31st Sunday in Ordinary Time:
Saints, Dead and Alive, are Models

32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time:
Hope in Afterlife Reduces Anxiety .
3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time:    
Stay Focused on the Big Picture
Feast of Christ the King:  
The Faithful See Christ the King

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