The Catholic Key 

                        Lectionary:  Year  ‘B’                  

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1st Sunday of Advent:
Tis the season for getting a savior .
Do we Lead or Do we Sleep?
2nd Sunday of Advent:
Lord’s peace will spring from justice .
Advent Prepares the Way
3rd Sunday of Advent:
Mary’s Magnificat is Christmas joy .
Jesus Appears in Midstream
John Sets Example of Humility

4th Sunday of Advent :
Jesus’ birth is news for the world .
How Does God Meet Humanity ?
4th Sunday of Advent & Feast of the Holy Family:
Holy Families’ story inspire awe
Miraculous Conception of Jesus Christ

Christmas Vigil & Feast of the Holy Family:
Matthew Tells a Different Christmas Story

Holy Family:
Gospel Serves a Spiritual Feast
Jesus a child of the universe
The Epiphany & Baptism of the Lord:
Dove adds dimension to Baptism
Jesus Came to Save Every One Of Us
Symbols:  The Dove and the Star

1st Sunday in Lent:
Jesus Waged War on Satan
2nd Sunday of Lent:
Faith helps, offers a dimension of hope .
This is my Son, the Beloved
3rd Sunday of Lent:
Next Stop? Map Leads to Resurrection

Wonder Seekers Miss the Point
4th Sunday of Lent:
John 3:16 Sums up Easter message

Faith/Light vs. Unbelief/Darkness

Salvation Comes From God’s Love
5th Sunday of Lent:
‘No pain of death, no gain of life’
Seeds must die to bear fruit
Palm Sunday:
Truly this man was God’s Son
Easter Sunday:
We Must Tell the Good News
5th Sunday of Easter:
Jesus is Vine and Vine Dresser
6th Sunday of Easter:
Jesus Lays Down the Law:  Love
7th Sunday of Easter:
Jesus prays when He’s in a Jam
2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time:
Discipleship is Risky Business
3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time:  
Responses to God’s Call Vary

4th Sunday in Ordinary Time:  
Demon Identifies Jesus’ Mission

5th Sunday in Ordinary Time:  
Jesus Always Valued the Individual

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time:  
Mark Tells of Messianic Secrets

12th Sunday in Ordinary Time & Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ
God comes in wind, sea, bread, wine .
13th & 14th Sundays in Ordinary Time:
God gives enough wealth and health  .  
Jesus Can Work The Impossible
16th & 17th Sundays in Ordinary Time:
Bishops really want to do God’s will .
17th & 18th Sundays in Ordinary Time:
John’s gospel fills summer weeks
Too Much is Not Enough .
18th & 19th Sundays in Ordinary Time:
Taste and see the goodness of Jesus .
19th & 20th Sundays in Ordinary Time:
‘Bread of life’ proclaims our faith

21st & 22nd Sundays in Ordinary Time:  
Tough doctrine causes deflections

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time:
Humans are equal in the sight of God .
Mark’s Story Even Better in the Telling
23rd & 24th Sundays in Ordinary Time:
It’s a Secret:  Don’t tell Anyone
24th Sunday in Ordinary Time:  
How Well Do You Really Know  Jesus?

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time:
Which One is the Greatest
26th Sunday in Ordinary Time:
Jesus Wants Leaders Who Lead
All Souls:
Beyond the doorway of death is life
Dedication of St. John Lateran:
A building is a symbol of faith
32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time:
Would you be the scribe  or the widow?
33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time:
‘Son of man’ gets new meaning  .
Christ Will Reign In Triumph
Feast of Christ the King:
Christ shows us how to stand up for truth  .
The King has Ultimate Authority

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