Lectionary:  Year  ‘A’

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3rd Sunday of Advent:  
Believing Through Others’ Eyes
4th Sunday of Advent:  
Advent Calms a Hectic Season
Epiphany & Baptism of the Lord:
Christmas embraces rich and poor .
1st Sunday of Lent:
Original Sin is erased by baptism .
2nd Sunday of Lent:
God’s grace is shown in his Son .
3rd Sunday of Lent:
Jesus died for us even though we sin .
Drink from the “Living Water” of Christ

The Samarian Woman at the Well
4th Sunday of Lent:
Through grace we turn to light .
Amazing Grace
Confront Social Blindness

5th Sunday of Lent:
The Spirit equips us for paradise .
Jesus Demonstrates His Power Over Life and Death
Palm Sunday:
The cross we carry has meaning .
Hymn Proclaims Jesus’ Exaltation
2nd Sunday of Easter
Experience, appreciate God’s mystery
3rd Sunday of Easter
Emmaus:  a journey in human history
4th Sunday of Easter
Jesus Savior is the gate of salvation
5th Sunday of Easter
Jesus is the way to the Father
6th Sunday of Easter 
Jesus’ promises depend on love

7th Sunday of Easter:
Why are we staying in this Room?
Multiple Choice for Pentecost Sunday
Holy Trinity and Corpus Christ – Solemnities
Jesus, ‘Bread of Life’ stays with us
3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
The Ministry of Jesus
4th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Discussion on the Beatitudes
5th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Salt and Light 
12th and 13th Sundays in Ordinary Time:    
Jesus Never Said It Would Be Easy
14th and 15th Sundays in Ordinary Time:   
Parables Hide Truth From Unbelievers
23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time:
Resolving Conflicts
24th Sunday in Ordinary Time:
The Forgiveness of God
25th Sunday in Ordinary Time:
The Generosity of Jesus.
27th Sunday in Ordinary Time:
Jesus’ authority cannot be bettered .
28th Sunday in Ordinary Time:
Christ invites us to the kingdom .
29th Sunday in Ordinary Time:
Give God thanks for who we are .
Church and state support each other .
30th Sunday in Ordinary Time:
Spread God’s word by talk, imitation .
31st Sunday in Ordinary Time:
Toil, gentle persuasion spreads Gospel .
Why are priests called Father?
32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time:
Trumpets proclaim coming of Christ .