Communion to a hospital

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Q: Couple of questions if you please. I take Communion to a hospital twice a month. Not knowing how many patients I will have, whether they want/can receive I may have 3, 4 or 5 hosts left over. Should I return them to the tabernacle or is it appropriate for me to consume. Is time a factor here in either case. Secondly, I invariably encounter a guest or relative in the room. I generally ask if they would like to receive; if they say they haven’t been to Mass or confession in a while can I still offer them Communion. Thanks for your help.


A: For the first question, here’s a past post:

And another:

For the second, if they haven’t been to Mass or confession in a while, they shouldn’t receive communion, but you could say something like, “Would you like me to get you in touch with a priest?” Or give the times for confessions at the local parish and encourage them to go.